Samuel Hesketh

Australian-Based Commercial and Travel Photographer 

Grown in the rich soils of Northern Tasmania and full of energy, Sam has spent the best part of a decade travelling our planet slinging his camera. Now based in the warmer, dryer city of Perth, Western Australia, he continues to photograph with both local and international clients. 

With a hunger for adventure, Sam has the patience and relentlessness for finding the most unique moments. Whether it's spending time dangling from helicopters, riding motorbikes through forgotten landscapes, or delving deep into unchartered backstreets. It's just a matter of when, not how.

Available World Wide.

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Noteworthy Clients

Australian Traveller Magazine, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Adidas, Jaguar, BMW, Cedarcom, AVI-8 Time Instruments, Intrepid Group, Adventure Tours, Geckos Adventures, City of Joondalup, Curtin University, Perth Product Photography, Photography Project Perth, UON Energy, Asia Pacific Piping Systems, Cambridge Mask Co., Everyday Leader, Bar Pop, T1000 Events,, China Central Television (CCTV)



Content Creation

Photography extends much further than pressing a button. It is not every day that we are handed the most beautiful locations and beautiful subjects to capture. Problem solving in challenging and high pressure situations is where I feel I can help the most. Whether I am there to capture stills or video,

“Anyone can ‘Take’ a Photograph, But only a photographer can ‘Make’ a photograph” - Me

“Anyone can ‘Take’ a Photograph, But only a photographer can ‘Make’ a photograph” - Me


Published Works

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